Mission Trip Fundraising at Form Sheffield

Hi everyone,

On 22nd March Form Network will be going on mission to Sicily. This last month on Form we have been focusing a lot on our fundraising for the Sicily Mission Trip. We each had an individual target of £400, as well as group projects which have encouraged team work and community spirit. We have done many bake sales, doing several in the run up to Christmas and more recently we held one at Kings Centre in which over £100 was raised. A jumble sale was held at St Thomas Philadelphia in January where people donated clothes and items to be sold and over £150 was raised from this.

There has been more focus on the Talents Projects recently, with both Team Spark and Team Serve working hard to make the best use of the project time. Team Spark put on and hosted a Ceilidh, which was a massive success, with a turn out of 75 people. The evening was filled with dancing and laughter, led by an evangelist from California. The total profit came to £205, with many relationships formed, particularly amongst students and people from other churches across Sheffield.

Team Serve have been making meals for communities with an Italian theme. They have served two communities, cooking for a total of 25 people, and encouraging the biblical principle of eating together at meal times. As part of their project they also made handmade, Bible themed verses and sold them in Church as gifts, many of which were sold for Christmas presents. They have made over £270, almost doubling their initial Talents money investment.

Framed verses

There have also been individual efforts from the interns at Sheffield. James is doing a penalty shoot out in after Church this Sunday, hoping to involve lots of people from the Church community. Annabel is baking cakes for a local, very generous business who has sponsored her to do this. Hyland has been doing babysitting and cleaning. Other people have been asking members of their home churches for donations, and have been overwhelmed by their generosity.

We are currently 83% of the way to hit our target, with money still coming in. We look forward to a fruitful trip of serving, evangelising and building relationships to further the message of the gospel.


Written by Annabel McKenzie