Half-way point

5 months of Form have gone by, another 5 months are yet to come. Now as we are entering the second half of an intense 10-month-year of discipleship, events that we have been looking forward to are coming closer and some of them have already taken place.

One of the days to look forward to was the “Men and Women’s Day“ which we spent in Liverpool together with the Form Network community from Ipswich and Liverpool. An interesting morning of teaching on God’s creation and how humans and relationships were meant to be in the first place was followed by some time for questions. We had been given the opportunity to anonymously hand in questions on everything we wanted to know about relationships, sex and suchlike beforehand and a diverse team of people at different life stages and experiences tried to answer all of them. After lunch we split into groups of men and women. The women talked about what Kairos they’d had during the morning and prayed for each other.

Only a week and a half later, Form Network met again, this time in Sheffield for the Encounter God weekend. A month before we had filled out a questionnaire about various parts of our life where we wanted to see break-through. On Friday evening the weekend officially started with worship and teaching. The teaching by Annwen and Andy Stone continued on Saturday morning. It was all about the Prodigal Son and his older brother, and of course the father who loves both of them incredibly. The fire tunnel (which basically means people standing in two lines and praying and prophesying over you) that all of the Formees could walk through was a very intense time as well. It was just amazing to see the Holy Spirit breaking out and filling people with joy, love, comfort, peace and a whole bunch of other good stuff that we can’t list here because the post would become too long 🙂

 Encounter God - anointing

After lunch, all of us went into Prayer Sessions which meant that two people were praying with an intern at a time and we could talk (and pray) about the things that we had written down in our questionnaires a month ago. From what I’ve heard all of the Prayer Sessions were different but everyone could feel that God was wanting to change things. Not everything was easy to be talked about and many things were brought up that we absolutely didn’t expect to be talked about. But all I can say is that this afternoon gave me/us a great feeling of freedom and peace, and I am convinced that this is not just a feeling for the moment but that it will stay and that “He who began the good work in us will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns“.

I’m very thankful to the people who prayed for me, and of course to God who met me in just such a gentle and also funny way. I could go on about how good God is because there is so much more to say, but I think we will all experience in the next weeks how we now get to live from that place of freedom and everyone will have their own exciting story to tell. After that session and lots of cake and coffee and chats at “Couch”, we all came together again to finish the day with worship, testimonies and the double anointing with oil. And when we got to say goodbye to everyone from Form Network, we knew that the next time we would see each other again would be on a plane to Sicily. Exciting times!

Written by Ann-Sophie Widmann


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