Looking at leadership

What is leadership? That should be a good question to ask a member of the Form team! I have been a leader on Form for 18th months now, and I’m also currently leading a household of young adults with my husband. I have been thinking about leadership recently and what it really means – what makes someone a leader? Aren’t we all leaders?

I think we are all called to lead in life and leadership is not about having a title. Many people who don’t think of themselves as leaders are taking the lead in the workplace, in their communities and in their families. So how do you lead? Here are a few thoughts I have from my observations as a leader, and as you will see they are by no means exhaustive as this is a blog after all and I’d like to keep your attention to the end!

Take responsibility

Leaders tend to be people who naturally take responsibility for things. They observe that something needs to be done and they get involved. They like to take initiative, and they are willing to step out and try new things, even if they discover that the thing they tried isn’t working.


Leaders in truth are actually servants. The more you lead the more you realise that you are serving the people you are leading. You give your time, energy and inspiration to others in order that they would see or hear something that inspires or awakens them.

Speak up

Leaders share themselves with others, they know that they don’t have all the answers, but if they have testimony or insight they want to share it. They are willing to have the difficult conversations or speak out about something if they feel it isn’t right. Not in a rude offensive way, but in love, and often speaking up for those who aren’t able to speak up for themselves.

Be yourself

Leaders should be people that others want to imitate, and it’s a lot easier for someone to follow you if they know who you really are. Leaders don’t try and become someone else, they know who God has called them to be, and they see in others who they are or who they could be. They get alongside people to challenge and encourage them, in order that they would have a revelation of who they truly are.


Written by Nadine Simms