Form 2017/18 begins…

It’s not even two months since Form started but I feel like so many things happened already! We’ve been to a weekend away with fellow Formees from Ipswich and Liverpool, started to set up our businesses within the talents project, talked about fundraising for our mission trip to Sicily, had lots of teaching, meals, social’s, fun, prayer and worship together, but the most significant for me is that I’ve found a family here.

First weekend away 17-18

I had never thought this was even possible but at our very first introduction evening when I met most of the people for the first time I already felt like that was home, where I’m accepted and loved just because that’s how it is. And people who although I didn’t know that well yet, I knew would become very close to me and that our shared goal for this year (following Jesus) will change our lives. This continued and during the past two months I have experienced community, church and family in a way I never did before. Being there for each other in simple but genuine ways such as praying, encouraging each other to give everything to God, reminding ourselves that He is above all and is mighty, accepting each other just as we are, not judging, truly caring for and loving each other and by doing this also creating a safe place where we can share all of our lives – both struggles and joyful moments. All of these seemingly little things make me be amazed and inspired by how team members are fully committed to love us and lead us towards Jesus and how Formees are willing to give up everything just so God’s will can be done here on earth.

The weekend away was also a big thing for most of us as we shared our testimonies and prayed for this year. I have to accept it was a bit scary at first and imagining being truly open, vulnerable and reading the prayer in front of people half of who I’ve only just met, and known the other half for only a month was not quite pleasant. But I saw that they’re not only our prayers but the prayers of the whole form family, I knew it was only for good and that it meant letting God to do great things in our lives throughout the year and further. Not only that, it helped us build the relationships so deep in such a short period of time that the only explanation is God’s grace. I’m sure it is a part of a bigger picture that we can’t see yet, but He can.

I feel like there’s a lot more to write about what God has already been doing on Form, and I can’t even imagine what He’s planning to do during the rest of the year if these were only the first two months! What a good God we have!

Form Network - first weekend away

Blog post written by Zuzka Niedelova