Sicily Mission Trip – Fundraising Fun

At St. Thomas Philadelphia, there have been rumblings of a mission trip to Sicily commencing May 3rd. A motley crew of guys and gals brought together by a internship known as ‘Form’, have been fundraising these past couple of months to bring a portion of God’s love to the vulnerable and needy in Sicily. Many income generators of various description have been used by the Formees and team members to get the wonga flowing and here’s a few of them.

Our very own Thomas, has organised a football tournament where teams buy in to play league footie and the chance to emerge the victorious team. A less televised version of a famous dining show; ‘Come Dine With Grace’ has been offering a meal for two with Prosecco for a tidy sum and all going towards the trip to Sicily. As well as a sponsored silence that Jess managed to complete with the help of a whiteboard and pen. Not so silent was Beth and Frank appearing on the radio and paper to declare ‘Siselli’ to the whole of Sheffield. An auction pioneered by Beth, which included many items such as holidays, concert tickets a signed football and more.

Siselli Auction

Whole group activities such as bake sales, gardening, cleaning and car washes have been all part of the fundraising too. And if you fancy a bit of sponge action, Pete Gaunt will be offering up his head as a target for wet sponges too, this Sunday 30th April.

by Nick Wastie


Reflections on Lent and Form Men & Women’s Day

Lent Reflections

“When people think of lent, it is often associated with “giving up something”, whether it is chocolate, fast food or alcohol. On Form we had the privilege of Liz Lovell going into more depth about fasting at lent and what it means for us. We were taught how traditionally lent is the preparation for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. This is done through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial. As a time of preparation and reflection, we took time in quiet to reflect on how we were doing with these aspects of our lives.

This then lead into a further time of reflection as we did a mini “fitness review” of our body, mind and spirit. We looked at how it is important to “stay fit” in the discipleship journey, to constantly renew ourselves. For me, personally, I didn’t give anything up for lent. However, I decided to focus the period on prayer. It was really effective to look at how prayer affects my body, mind and spirit and what daily disciplines I could add to my daily routine to improve my prayer life. Disciplines in life seemed to be an overriding theme in the girl’s huddle. It was good to remind ourselves of the disciplines we have put in place in our lives and where we can improve them. Overall, it was a great day and we are all prepped for Easter Day!” – Lydia


Men & Women’s Day Reflections

“Asking those hard and often a bit embarrassing questions about sex and relations is probably something we would all like to do; still we sometimes tend to hold them in because we’re afraid of what someone else might think. Asking that particular question is a great way of gaining knowledge in the subject from a Christian viewpoint, however the opportunity to discuss them in a group with experienced people only of your own gender helps you to develop your understanding of the question and also to dig deeper into how we can put the answers and advice we receive into practice. This is why I think the men and women’s day was much appreciated among us all in the group. A day full of teaching about our futures biggest events and challenges that ended on a high note with a men’s trip to the pub.” – Jakob

“One sunny Tuesday afternoon the girls and the guys had a split and got to spend some real quality time together. Us girls were all lucky enough to have afternoon tea at the Lovell’s house with fresh cakes, lots of laughs and reminiscing chats. We had a great time thinking about influential women in our lives and in the world, reflecting on the women we aspire to be and the real strong confident women we are; a time to encourage, reflect and be thankful for the examples of women we have in our lives. I was very grateful to have a space to talk about the amazing grandmother and mother I have in my life and thinking about the wonderful example they set me and what I can put in place to see that fruit in my own life!” – Liv