Encounter God Weekend

The Encounter God weekend took place over a Friday evening and a Saturday in February with the whole of the Form Network. It was time to spend with God, worshipping Him, hearing talks, and praying into big situations in our lives. The talks were on big topics such as fear, shame and forgiveness and they enabled us to question some things maybe we would have otherwise chosen to put off. During the weekend, we all experienced Jesus in different ways and many of us experienced breakthrough and freedom. Below are a few of our experiences:

“Encounter God was an opportunity for us all to come together with the Form Network, and shift our focus fully onto Jesus. We had a time dedicated to whatever God wanted to do and we were willing to listen. I was impacted by the full force of Jesus’ love; his unending persistence in wanting a relationship with us, one that we do not deserve. I feel immensely honoured to be able to worship such a great God, and privileged that I had a whole weekend to think of nothing else.” – Liv

“Since I went on the Encounter God weekend I’ve realised how much your past can affect you and the impact it can have on you later in life. I experienced freedom from past events and I feel I’m now more aware of when God is highlighting things in my life.” – Nathan

“My personal expectations for this weekend were high as this particular weekend had been spoken about for the whole form year – ‘This is something that you by any means can’t miss’. I expected God to really work with each and every one of us. I had heard testimonies about God’s power of inner healing taking place during these days and was particularly excited for the weekend to commence. I was anticipating God’s move as I stepped into the first session of worshipeg-5 on the Friday evening. The outcome of it was just as good as promised, during the last worship slot on the Sunday evening, I had one of my few moments in truly encountering the Holy Spirit. His presence affected me through my emotions which was God revealing himself to me. At the end of the weekend, many of us stepped forward in front of the people who had been standing with me throughout the weekend. During the last worship, we shared our experiences of God’s presence. However, I was not one of those who felt the immediate effects from God after the weekend, although I was really encouraged and motivated to start working with what we talked about in our prayer together – this was with the prayer ministry couple, who’d prayed with me.” – Jakob

“At the Encounter God weekend, I didn’t have a profound revelation at the time like many of the others did. However, the weekend highlighted to me the root of something I have been struggling with for a while. It takes me a long time to process things but the weekend allowed me to process what was on my mind, pray into to it and give it to God. Since the weekend I have felt a lot freer, my mind is a lot clearer and I have been able to re-focus my gaze on Jesus. It’s a process but I am already experiencing freedom. It was great hearing the testimonies of the others at the weekend and what God had freed people from in such a short space of time. It reminded me how amazing God is, that he knows every intricate detail of us and always wants the best for us!” – Lydia