Tent of Meeting

The Tent of Meeting has been a week of 24/7 worship and prayer. The week was such a wonderful opportunity to focus our time and energy on God, waiting for Him to show Himself in different ways to us. Nights up until 3am of prophecy and prayer have been such a blessing to experience for some of the Formees – spending time together and with God. On the Wednesday, some of the Missional Communities came together to worship, the room was packed with people and the Spirit was so clearly moving amongst everyone. It is one of the clearest times I’ve seen Jesus and felt His presence. From this, God has fuelled us for this season and we are ready to take what we have experienced with Him into our internships and home for Christmas.



Tent of Meeting was held between the 6-13th of November. My strongest memory from the week was when the Forge team spent 3 hours in the prayer room, first worshiping and then praying out things we wanted to see in the city of Sheffield. It was nice to be together to pray against things like, abuse, poverty, alcoholism, and that we would reach out to more people. In other words, we prayed for a transformed city. We also divided into two groups and in the groups we took turns praying and prophesying over each other. I got some words from God that I still carry with me. During those three hours in the prayer room I also got some time to read the Bible and to just be in God’s presence.



The Tent of Meeting was truly a wonderful place to spend time with God. The time spent in there was very precious and amazing. We spent time praying and listening to what God was saying about the city of Sheffield, the church, our lives and listening to what God was calling us into. We encouraged each other through prophecy and scriptures that God gave to us. It was great to hear what God was calling us to do, what He was doing in us and His promises for us. The time of prayer and worship was amazing as I/we encountered God, and His presence was amazing, it was a time of laughter, tears and pure joy.



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