Mission Trip Fundraising

We’re excited to be travelling to Sicily for our Form mission trip this year. The dates that we are going are Monday 18th to Tuesday 26th April. We are really excited to go to Sicily and reconnect with Marco & Cinzia who are good friends of the church. You can support us by clicking this link.

You can read about the vision of Marco, Cinzia and their team here.

Samuel TimLike many short term mission trips, it will be important to remain flexible in order to help the community there in the best way possible during our stay. There are lots of different things that we could end up doing – one primary thing being reaching out to and spending time with the people of Sicily. This could be with the church community there or getting involved with the projects that help refugees, homeless and prostitutes. We will also serve the church and community there in various ways – helping with building and working on their land. Our youth and energy definitely won’t be put to waste. Depending on each of the team’s individual gifting and passions, some of us could end up leading worship there, baking, or making up some skit to perform for the children there. The possibilities are endless. The key thing is us staying open to whatever ways we can bless the people of Sicily.

To make this mission trip happen we need a lot of prayer.

Please pray for practical details such as:

  • Provision of money for the trip plus enough to bless Marco, Cinzia and the team we’re working with
  • Organisation of the tripPete Marilyn
  • Naomi Stanhope, the member of the Form team who will be leading the trip
  • Prayer for good health

Please pray that God would guide us:

  • How are we going to reach out and help the people of Sicily in the most efficient and loving way?
  • How can we make a change in their life and bless them with what we’ve got?
  • How are we going to be able plant more seeds and help people grow closer to God?
  • Prayer for us to have a mindset like Jesus: not to judge people on how they live their lives, what choices they’ve made to be where they’re at.
  • Prayer for us to be able to see the people as our own, that we all will acknowledge our identity in Christ as followers of Jesus and work together as one community to make Sicily a better place.

Please pray for us as a group:

  • Pray for us as a team – that we’ll grow closer as a group, that we’ll work as one, that we’ll be able to work out whatever conflict that come our way as smoothly as possible. But also that we all will have a great time serving others as we’re serving the kingdom of God.

Thank you for all of your support.