Form 15-16, Term One

We’re coming to the end of our first term here at Form so we thought it would be good to collect some of the stories so far from this year. The beginning of Form is exciting but God also begins to bring up significant things in all of our lives. It has been great to watch people from Form, Form 2 and the Form team engage with what God is doing. God is working in each of our lives! Let these stories encourage you this Advent season and please keep praying for our Form interns!

“Coming to Sheffield I had my walls up, high and thick, not letting people in or feelings out. In Form I quickly found myself surrounded by remarkable people, leaders and friends I felt I could trust with my fears, shames and mistakes within just a few weeks. I found family. God has, through these amazing people, helped me Samueltear down my walls, engage with and process several problems and issues in my life, which has brought me great freedom and a deeper understanding of myself as a son of God. During these past three months He has become so much bigger to me. He keeps taking me to new places, showing me more and more of who each person of the Trinity is. The more I get to know God the more I realise how much bigger He is than I thought He was and how little I actually know Him. He simply grows faster than I can explore the depths of Him and that’s just so exhilarating and exciting. Even though there are struggles I can’t wait to see what more this year holds for me as I grow in spiritual gifts and relationship with Him and my newfound family, letting the Holy Spirit make me look more like Jesus.” – Samuel Bergner

 “My biggest Kairos moment so far this year came after the first weekend away. It was intense and draining – especially for an introvert! I was exhausted as we went to church the next morning, and was having a bit of an internal panic about what I had let myself in for with Form. This had left me feeling a bit distanced from God, but as we started worship the song ‘My Guardian’ came on and God really spoke to me through the words ‘trust and obey.’ I realised I had to lay down this year to Him, and to hold on to the knowledge that he can see the wholekatie miller picture. I then had a really incredible encounter with the Holy Spirit. I had a picture of a ball of light heading straight for my chest and then I just completely lost control of my entire body and was on the floor!! It was the most bizarre thing, something that would have been terrifying but I felt 100% safe and loved. I went home and read the start of Acts where the apostles were baptised with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and realised that this was what had happened – I never thought being in the Spirit could feel like that!! I was so full of the Spiri

t that I was still manifesting God’s presence by twitching the next day, but it felt as though God was really saying “look what I can do – I can take control of all of you and I am in all of you, so don’t worry about a thing because I have got this.” I feel as though God used this experience to start to change my heart, to heal some of the wounds and to give me something to ground me throughout this year when things get hard – something I am very thankful for now as things haven’t exactly been plain sailing! I hold on to that knowledge of how big and amazing He is, and how safe and utterly loved I feel with Him. I wouldn’t trade this journey with Him for anything, wherever it leads me” – Katie Miller


Jess (left), Brandy (right)

“I have learnt that God wants to get to know me and not for what I can do, or for
what is in the future.”
– Jess Rees (Form 2)

“Moving to a new a country is hard enough in itself, but adding Form to that as well is simply exhausting! Form is a crazy, intense, and tough process, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. God has really begun to show me more and more of who He is everyday and that there is nothing I can do to please Him more! As I fix my eyes on Him and run to Him more, He reveals more of who He created me to be. I came here completely broken and had no idea what I had to offer, but slowly He is giving me a new identity. And I am so excited to find out what that is!”
– Brandy Desjardins